Friday, September 19, 2008

The Path to Freedom...

So, of late, I've become captivated by the possibility of living off my little bit of earth. The notion of being unaffected by the "global economy", "rising food and fuel prices" and even the crowds and lineups at the grocery store have me intrigued.

My dear friend ( (Diary of a Filmmaker) ), and her hubby make videos. They are very talented people, as a matter of fact. They made a video discussing sustainability, and that, coupled with my recent fascination with the "Urban Homestead" has my thoughts almost wholly occupied.

My husband was not on board at first, until he realized that there was no downside for him. So, we live much cheaper, and he doesn't have to do any of it...Uh, OK. I contemplated getting chickens as well, but we back onto a school yard and have neighbours on both sides...Yeah, anyone who grew up on or around a farm knows the smell of chickens. They are...well...pungent. Anyhow, I wanted to have my own eggs, but perhaps I'll just have to wait until my neighbours are a little more enlightened. Or, we get hit with a food crisis of unprecedented proportions. Then, who'll be laughing, hmmm?

In any case, there is a family in Southern California, Pasadena, I believe, and they have what they call an "Urban Homestead". It's fantastic, They grow the better part of their food. My plan is to grow even more of what we eat, freeze more and start canning. I want to see if I can eliminate fruits and vegetables from my budget altogether, save for a few tasty treats from the farmer's markets now and then. I plan to get some fruit trees, as well. I look forward to having a functional yard.

Anyway, this family lives completely sustainably, composting, collecting rainwater...They are vegetarian as well, which I couldn't do personally (I pretty much wither away), but still, fantastic. I would love to pull this off.

Anyhow, these people are pretty awesome. They're also all over YouTube, under "Urban Homestead" or "Path to Freedom".

So amazing.

Go homegrown, Baby.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ear Wax...I know, gross.

So, apparently, there is now a council dedicated to just that:

Let me just say, is there ANYTHING about our bodies that we are allowed to be in charge of?

At all?

It would seem to me that the removal (or not) of earwax is not the kind of thing to launch a full-scale campaign over, regardless of where you stand on this "very important issue".

Jesus Christ.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I am Anann. Well, not exactly, but that is my pseudonym, and considering that most of you will only ever know me as Anann, I suppose this is all rather inconsequential.

In any case, this is simply meant to be a little diary. Any opinions expressed here are not necessarily the truth, but they are MY truth, at least at the time. Anyone can comment, but please have the cahones to leave a name, and the respect to speak like a grown-up. Or I will simply delete the comment. :) Not because you disagree with me, but because it is simply bad manners to walk into another's house, and use foul language and verbal abuse.

Now that that is out of the way.

My reason for this blog is simple. It is difficult for one to define one's beliefs without anyone to discuss them with. I have a few precious friends with whom I can discuss them, but I'm pretty sure they only want to listen to me rant for so long. ;) Plus, they have jobs. And lives. So, here we are. :)

I am a Pagan, as I said. I am an Herbalist and Holistic Nutritionist by trade. I use herbs and whole foods daily, both as sustenance, medicine, and spiritual offerings. I advocate for a sustainable lifestyle in all aspects. Environmentally, financially, physically and emotionally. I am not Wiccan, myself, but guide myself by way of many Wiccan principles. I seek to know the Creator through many cultural references: Hindu gods and goddesses and Aboriginal spirituality both play an important role in my own spiritual journey. I have been lucky enough to work with Ayurvedic and Shamanic forms of medicine often in my practice, and have been fortunate enough to see the spiritual elements of those medicines play a large role in their efficacy.

I work, as I said, every day toward sustainability. We're not there yet, but our goal is to be living off the grid by in, completely off the grid. I know that sounds like a long time, but it's really only 7 years, which, in reality is not a long while to change your entire lifestyle.

I guess we wouldn't be changing everything. We already live in a house with a large yard, and grow much of our own food. Zucchini just tastes better when you've just washed the dirt off of it. :P I strive to be energy independent, and to be without anything gas-powered (cars, lawnmowers, bbqs, etc.), in the next couple of years.

On this blog you will find many links to resources, many educational tips, but mostly my great big, fat, unsolicited opinion on everything from health to politics.

Sorry about that. :)